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From the CD
Seven Years Bad Luck

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Seven Years Bad Luck
Produced/Recorded/Mixed by Ryan Greene @ Motor Studios in San Francisco, CA 2003

'Seven Years Bad Luck...' What does it mean? Nothing! We couldn't think of anything to call it, so we named it after the shortest song on the disk. More importantly, it sounds great thanks to the magic of legendary producer Ryan Greene. In case you didn't know, he produced the best work from bands like NOFX, Propaghandi, Lagwagon and many, many more. But what about the songs? They're good too. If you've heard the first disk, this one's a little faster, equally as catchy and SUPER NEATO!!! Download 'Today' below to get an idea for it. Then, buy it, or get a free sampler by clicking the link at the left of the page. As always, we wanna hear what you think, so email us at

Track List
1) Sorry
2) Today   (Click to Download)
3) Time and Money
4) Chump Rock
5) Low Life
6) Two for Flinching
7) Business as Usual
8) Period
9) Next Year
10) Seven Years Bad Luck
11) Rat Race
12) Face

Songs from the Zoo
Recorded/Mixed by John Frazier @ Station C Studios in Grand Rapids, MI 2001

'Songs from the Zoo...' What does it mean? Well, the 'Zoo' is short for Kalamazoo. The four memebers of the band that recorded this disk met in Kalamazoo. We now only have three of these members left along with a new member from Oklahoma. The CD sounds pretty good and the songs are pretty good. Download Tribology and Respect below.

Track List
1) Walk the Plank
2) Tribology   (Click to Download)
3) Unnamed Society
4) Been There Too
5) Unnamed Society
6) Bored
7) Respect   (Click to Download)
8) Be on Your Way